About Ambrósio

Ambrósio is a pet-project to develop a personal assistant using Telegram.

The goal is to include useful integrations with existing services and APIs, to provide a quick and easy way to acomplish certain tasks.

What Ambrósio is NOT:
  • A chat/conversation bot
  • An AI bot
  • A group/channel bot

A Personal Bot saves personal info

Once you connect to Ambrósio, it will store your personal profile, along with your preferences and whatever other data is required by the modules you use. However, it does NOT retain or save any message history.

Ambrósio doesn't share any of this data with external services or third-parties.

Getting Started

The easiest way to get started is to click the button bellow to open Ambrósio on your telegram app.

Connect to Ambrósio

Then you can press 'start' or type /start to begin.


Why telegram?

For me, a personal assistant would have to be available on one of today's modern communication apps. Telegram is an excellent and feature-rich platform that gives room for plenty of creativity.

Can you include feature X?

The best way to discuss new features is to join the official discord and propose it there.

What's with the name Ambrósio?

Ambrósio is a portuguese name, culturally linked with the idea of a butler. (No I'm not implying that all Ambrósios are butlers nor that all butlers are Ambrósios)

Who are you?

Hi! I'm Nuno, a developer born and living in Portugal. You can know more about me and my work here.


Unlike other bots, Ambrósio doesn't follow the standard /command syntax for bot commands. This is for two reasons:

  • The / character is not always easily available on mobile keyboards
  • It supports several keywords to do the same command, in order to make interaction easier and more natural.

In this section you can learn some generic commands that are not linked to specific modules.


Some modules have multi-step actions in order to achieve their goal. For instance, to set up a reminder you need to first instruct Ambrósio to create the reminder, and on the following step specify the time.

If during any of these multi-step actions you want to cancel the action, you can use any of the acceptable Cancel keywords.

Cancel keywords: cancel,quit, abort, stop, back and nevermind

Getting Help

Use the help command to have Ambrósio tell you a list of all available commands.

You can get specific help on a command by typing help after its keyword, ie.: calendar help or r. help

Fortune Cookie

Get a fortune cookie with fortune or cookie


In order to get reminders and calendar info with the right time, you should set up your timezone first.

To do so, use the keyword timezone followed by the timezone you which to use, in Region/City format. Examples

timezone Europe/Lisbon
timezone America/New_York
timezone Asia/Tokyo

If you are having trouble finding out your timezone, check this page.


Modules add more complex functionality to Ambrósio.


Calendar keywords: calendar, cal, c.

With the Calendar module you can add iCal-compatible online calendars, using any publicly acessible URL. Ambrósio can then show you upcoming appointments and events.

Add a new calendar with: cal add url
List your calendars with: cal list

To query the Calendars for the current day, use: cal today
To see all upcoming events: cal next or cal show

Ambrósio can automatically send you your daily agenda at your chosen time. To do so, enable the agenda by specifying the time you want to receive it: cal agenda 08:00. You can turn it off with cal agenda off.


Reminder keywords: remind, remember, reminder, r.

You can ask Ambrósio to remind you of something on a specific day and time.

Usage Step1: remind description
Example: remind buy a lot of bread

Ambrósio will then ask you when you want to be reminded. You can insert a full date and/or time (like 2021-12-01 10:00 or 15:30) or use simplified words or numbers:
10 minutes (10 minutes from now)
morning, noon, afternoon, evening, night (8:00, 12:00, 14:00, 18:00 and 21:00 respectively)
tomorrow (tomorrow at 8h00)
4 days (in 4 days from now)

See all your reminders with: remind list

After a reminder triggers, Ambrósio will automatically delete it.


Wikipedia keywords: wikipedia, wiki,w.

Quickly search for Wikipedia entries using the Wikipedia module. Ambrósio will show you the top 3 matches of the search.

Usage: wiki query
Example: wiki desert subterranean termite

By default, the english wikipedia is searched. However you can specify a different language to be search. For example, you could search the french wikipedia with wiki !fr croissant. You can also search the simple english wikipedia with wiki !simple solar system.